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What Google says about Google images

Q: Can I use the images I find through Google Images?

Google: The images displayed in a Google Image Search may be protected by copyright, so we can't grant you the right to use them for any purpose other than viewing them on the web. If you'd like to use images from our image search, we suggest contacting the site's webmaster to obtain permission.

Q: How do I contact a site's webmaster?

Google: There are several ways to contact the webmaster of a site.

First, you're likely to find a "Contact us" link or email address for the webmaster on the site itself. This contact information may be easiest to find from the site's homepage. You can generally access the homepage by removing any information after the .com, .net or .edu. For example, instead of looking on, you would remove the "/press/funfacts.html" and visit

Second, you might email the webmaster alias. For example, for, you would email

Third, a Whois search provides webmaster contact information. A Google search for [ whois ] provides you with many free Whois search services. On the Whois search service of your choice, enter the site's URL to find the webmaster's contact information